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Winston Salem, NC


Carpet and Rug Serging

Yeatts Rug Plant has processed thousands of rug and carpet serging orders. Our technicians make precise measurements before they do any beveling or cutting of angles or curves as requested by the customer. The customer can select from many colors of true serge yarn or serge tape. As with our other services, superior craftsmanship yields beautiful serging that will last for years.

Loose fringe on dry rotted Chinese rug   After cutting fringe, Mike begins to serge the rug  

Mike selects a color of serge yarn to match wool pile


            BEFORE                                                                           AFTER

Karastan rug with serge worn down to foundation in need of major repair                                 Karastan rug after reserging by Yeatts Inc.


Close up view of rug curve before serge                                 Close up view of rug curve after matching serge was applied