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Mattress Cleaning

Cleaning mattresses is a second thought until a severe accident occurs. Just with our other cleaning services, you should call Yeatts Inc. first. Our technicians can clean and sanitize any mattress and have it ready for use in a few hours. There is another important reason to clean a mattress at least once per year. If you have a family member who suffers from asthma or severe allergies, cleaning the mattress once per year is beneficial. According to MasterBlend® and other research studies, more than 50% of dust mites in homes can be found in mattresses. After a thorough professional cleaning have Yeatts Inc. technicians apply Responsible Care™ Allergy Relief Treatment manufactured by MasterBlend® to the mattress, cleaned pillows or cushions. For home use, also try Responsible Care™ Allergy Relief Laundry Treatment when washing bed linens, comforters, pillow cases, or clothes

         BEFORE                                                                                                    AFTER

.Severe urine-saturated mattress                    Before on left; After on right                  Urine stain removed by Yeatts Inc.


Key benefits of cleaning your mattresses:

  • The results of a professionally cleaned mattress treated with Allergy Relief TreatmentT can be effective within three days, and often during the first night.
  • Severe problems such as vomit or urine that can produce a breeding ground for bacteria will be avoided by a professional cleaning.
  • Allergy Relief Laundry TreatmentT is perfect for pillow cases, bed sheets, or clothing.
  • Its cheaper than buying a new mattress!